Making Your Holiday more Environmentally sustainable

Environmentally sound holidays help us enjoy ourselves while on vacation but at the same time do so in full respect of the environment. Here are some ideas on how you can make your holidays more Ecofriendly.

1 Buying locally made (or locally grown) gifts not only supports the local economy and keeps smaller businesses going, it also reduces your gift-giving carbon footprint by avoiding items that have been shipped thousands of miles to get to Malta. Look out for Made in Malta products when buying souvenirs and gifts to take back to your friends.

2 Malta is blessed with fresh vegetables and fruits throughout the whole year. Try out a visit at the Farmer’s market to sample the freshest selection of locally grown products. When going for a picnic try to use recyclable materials for packing food.

3 Conserve water. Conserve water and soap at hotels by requesting not to have linens and towels changed every day. If the local water is safe to drink, bring a reusable water container so that you won’t have to purchase one.

4 Switch off electricity when leaving your hotel room. This is especially important if you hotel room is not fitted with a smart entrance power key which disables electricity when you leave your room.

5 Make sure you close balcony doors and windows when you have the Air-conditioned or central heating on. Leaving doors and windows open will cause the units to work harder since they will find it more difficult to cool or heat the room to the desired temperature.

6 Use public transport – if possible use the public transport to travel around Malta and Gozo this is much more environmentally friendly option than driving your own car. If you must drive a rental car, look for a green option.

7 Help us keep Malta and Gozo clean and tidy – dispose of your rubbish in a responsible way, where ever possible try to separate your rubbish, this will help our recycling efforts. Make your best effort to try to keep the countryside and beaches as clean as possible.

8 Fire hazard. If you plan on having a BBQ make sure that you only use designated BBQ areas. Failure to do so may result in a fire which spreads easily in summer where the heat makes most of the undergrowth tinder dry. Do not light fires in afforested areas such as Busket.